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Ace Consultants Limited


Every business needs that extra bit of push to reach the full heights of its true potential. That’s where we come in. At Ace Consultants’ Ltd, we assist enterprises ranging from SME’s to franchises, to manage their supply chain logistics, bring in qualitative operations management and improve and optimize marketing. Additionally, Ace Consultants Ltd provides you with a one stop shop for all due diligence, negotiation and pre-purchase documentation when you are thinking of buying a new or existing pre owned business. Thinking Expansion? Look no further. With a trained team with eclectic acumen and years of practically acquired experience, Ace is the nitro boost of that something special your business will need if it is to shatter that proverbial glass ceiling. Doing ‘just fine’ is not an option that the team at Ace will let you live with. It is recognizing the potential your business has, identifying the areas of possible maximization and applying well tested policies to make sure you become the power you deserve to be. A force to reckon with!

So whatever your business needs, we have you covered. From sound advice to formulation and implementation of customized business plans and policies, all immigration related matters for your business. We will find you the solutions you and your business require. With a niche central Auckland location and dedicated team members, here is a consultancy with an edge over the others.


Company Motto

‘Always Covering Everyone’

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