Business Consulting


What's the difference between what my Accountant does and what you do?

Your Accountant works with your Business past, analysing historical figures (the previous financial year) to work out your profit/loss and tax liability. 

A Business Consultant works on the present and the future of your Business. 

Sometimes your annual accounts are not completed for months after the end of the financial year, by then it is much too late to react effectively to declining profits, increased debt, reduced liquidity.  Whilst this historical information is required to fulfil your tax obligations they are not the correct tool to help direct your Business -steering your business based on this historical information is like steering your car whilst looking out the rear view mirror, you can see what has happened and where you have been but it doesn't help you get anywhere new or prevent you from avoiding dangerous situations.


How can you be so confident that you can help me?

Because nearly all Businesses are structurally similar, we believe that with our unique skills in creating successful Businesses and your industry specific skills, we can jointly make a huge success of your Business. 


My Business is too small to bother with a Consultant...

EVERY large Business started small and then grew to the size it is today.  We can help your Business reach its full potential.  Our consultants work with you to turn your “small business” into a valuable asset that can be sold in the future to fund your future plans and retirement.  We believe every Business regardless of the size has unrealised potential


I’ve no need for a Consultant...

We believe that “Success in Business” is achieved by surrounding yourself with the right people, rather than going it alone. 

Ace Consultants Ltd works with a wide variety of businesses across NZ and we find profit leaking in every one of them!  Big or small our research show us that EVERY business leaks profit!  Typically the profit leaking averages at 10% of the annual turnover.

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